CPR classes offered to employers who need the class for personal reasons or maybe you have a loved one at home.  Classes are held at your location and scheduled 3 weeks in advance the total price of the class is $325 for up to 9 students and at least 4.

Post accident or reasonable suspicion is a very touchy situation but be assured our collectors are available 24x7  360 days of the year. We will go to the hospital or to your location and do a breath alcohol test DOT or Non-DOT plus obtain a urine drug screen.  We are allowed into all Tulsa and surrounding hospitals.  Our pricing for post-accident is $165.00 within Tulsa county no milage, outside of Tulsa county the same price but $.48 mileage fee round trip. First 30 miles free.

We can do your random drug screens and also create workplace drug policies. With medicinal marijuana legal in Oklahoma, you might want to have your drug testing policy looked at. Our prices for random drug screens are $25.00 per hour and $17.00 per collection. If you do not have a lab or consortium we can set you up with a lab, consortium or we can manage your randoms for you.  Our breath alcohol test are done to be in compliance with DOT standards. 

Look at it this way, If you sent 5 employees to the clinic to get drug tested if everything went as expected they may be in and out of the clinic in 2 hours. Not bad but what if you have a couple of slackers dragging the 3-hour limit to its end. That would be 15 man-hours lost just for five employees. We can test 40 in 3 hours all things said.  Give us a try to call me. 918-946-4339.

Simple and easy here is our pricing upfront. Remember we come to you. 

  1. Breath alcohol test $27.00 DOT and Non-DOT
  2. Specimen Collection fee $19.00 DOT and NON
  3. Rapid test with send off conformation $48.00
  4. Urine Drug screen $42.00 DOT and Non-DOT
  5. Mileage $00.48 after 30 miles
  6. After hours $165.00
  7. CPR $325.00 up to 9 people
  8. Hair Collection $28.00
  9. Hair test $178.00
  10. Blood draw $10.00 
  11. Labs actual cost plus 10%
  12. Hourly fee $45.00